Well done Court of Appeals: You got State v. Knudsen right. The cops had no right to do what they did. And we’re all better off for it; freedom from governmental interference in our lives has been protected; we can all rejoice in this decision…right GOP?
My thoughts:
1. This is the problem with these “DWI Task Forces”; they seem to instil a sense of empowerment in the police to do things that they know they can’t do;
2. Lower level – District Court – judges, too afraid to obey the Constitution lest they lose their mediocre government jobs, rule in favour of the government and let the cops get away with it – only to further empower the cops to do more of it, and do it even more aggressively;
3. Certain lawyers, too afraid (or incompetent) to try their cases, persuade their clients to plead guilty – to even further empower the cops to keep on fucking with people;
4. Thank Christ (or whoever) for certain lawyers who are not afraid to fight, and Superior Court judges not afraid to obey the Constitution.
5. What is the State doing spending our tax-money appealing this piece-of-shit case?
6. And finally, why do I get the feeling that Republicans would applaud the actions of the cops, the decision of the District Court Judge, and the State’s decision to appeal this case? … And they’re the ones who claim to want less government in our lives.