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B&E and Burglary Criminal Defense Lawyer in Wake County, NC

Burglary, Breaking and Entering (including vehicles) and Larceny after Breaking and Entering are all covered under the same statute in North Carolina: §14-51 through §14-57. All of these crimes are slightly different, Burglary is always a felony, while Breaking and Entering (b&E) may be a misdemeanor. All of these charges may lead to harsh punishments if convicted. Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney quickly is important if you have been charged with Burglary or B&E in Raleigh or the rest of Wake County. The sooner you hire a lawyer after you find out you are being investigated, have been arrested for or have been charged with one of these crimes, the better your chances are for a favorable outcome in your case.

What To Do If You Have Been Arrested Or Charged with Burglary or B&E

As Mentioned above, as soon as you have been arrested or charged with Burglary or Breaking and Entering charges(vehicular or otherwise), contact a a lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer will be able to advise you of your rights and make sure you proceed with the investigation in a way that will be beneficial to you.  There are consequences to being convicted of almost any crime, burglary carries pretty harsh penalties if you are convicted, so it’s important to take these charges seriously. A 1st degree burglary conviction carries a minimum sentence of 38 months in jail and 2nd degree burglary carries a minimum sentence of 8 months in jail.

However, there are many factors that go into figuring out which charges the prosecution will pursue. Those factors include:

  • Your prior record (are you a habitual felon?)
  • What was broken into or burglarized (was it a place of worship, residence, vehicle?)
  • Were any weapons used in the burglary?
  • Was there intent to harm or injure someone during the burglary?

Your Raleigh Criminal Defense Lawyer will attempt to answer these questions and understand your case so they can defend your case as best as possible. Getting your charges reduced from Burglary to a misdemeanor larceny or having the charges dismissed entirely are all avenues that an attorney will try to pursue. Ultimately, there are no guarantees when being accused of a crime of this nature, but you do want to give yourself the best opportunity for a favorable out come.

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