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Armed Robbery in Wake County

Robbery is defined under North Carolina Statutes as taking another’s property with the intention of depriving that person permanently of that property by using force or the threat of force. Larceny similarly involves taking another’s property with the intention of permanently depriving them of it, but without force or threat of force. Robbery in any form is a felony under North Carolina law and is considered a violent crime, while lesser forms of larceny may be a misdemeanor. Any act of larceny in which a firearm or weapon is used becomes an armed robbery and is classified as a felony. With the nature of today’s economic hardships, many who would normally never consider committing an act of theft find themselves doing what they must to survive. If you have been charged with armed robbery in Raleigh, NC, it is important to contact a lawyer immediately. John McWilliam is the Raleigh Criminal Lawyer who will work to have charges against you dropped or lowered.

While all robberies are considered a felony, there are different types, with varying qualifications and penalties. Some examples include:

  • Common Law Robbery: Common Law Robbery means taking someone else’s property but without the threat of a weapon. In example, threatening to punch or punching someone if he refuses to surrender property.
  • Robbery with firearms or other dangerous weapons: means taking someone else’s property by threatening or implied threat of serious harm with a weapon. In example, robbing a bank with a gun or knife.
  • Safecracking

John McWilliam Robbery Defense Lawyer in Raleigh, NC

Since all forms of robbery are classified as a felony, you want competent legal representation if you are charged. John McWilliam is the Raleigh criminal defense lawyer you can trust to provide you legal advice without judgement. John McWilliam has the experience and knoweldge you need to handle your Raleigh armed robbery charges. The timing and details of events are extremely important to defending your case. Calling as soon as possible, before you memory can fade, will be helpful for you to answer questions like:

  • Did your charges involve violently taking property or using intimidation or threats?
  • Did your charges involve use of a firearm or weapon?
  • Did your charges involve endangerment of or threat to anyone’s life?

No matter the specifics of your case, John McWilliam will be the advocate you need. If you have been charged with robbery in Raleigh, NC, contact us or call John McWilliam at 919-772-4000 without delay.

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