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NC Habitual Felon Three Strikes Law

In the state of North Carolina, the Habitual Felon or three strikes law raises the penalty on an individual who has previously been convicted of three independent, non-overlapping felonies who now faces a fourth felony. North Carolina also has a separate habitual violent felon law. A felony is a crime considered by the state to be of a more serious nature than misdemeanor crimes, and include murder, robbery, rape and other sexual offenses,  certain drug offenses, burglary, assaults of a highly violent nature, certain white collar crimes, some DWI and DUI charges, and other offenses. Felony convictions result in loss of the right to vote, hold office, and other citizenship rights until the end of a prison sentence and/ or probationary period.

Since felonies are such serious issues, you should hire a lawyer as quickly as possible.This is particular true for repeat or habitual offenders, who will face stiffer penalties than first-time offenders. If you have been charged with a felony or are a candidate for charges under the North Carolina habitual felon law or three strikes law, contact the Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney, John McWilliam. Since 1993, John McWilliam has been defending the rights of those presumed innocent until proven guilty, and will use everything at his disposal to fight for you.

What to expect if you have been charged with a felony and face charges of habitual felon

The habitual felon process begins with an arrest or an indictment by grand jury. It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. In some cases, this may be possible during a police or bureau investigation, allowing your attorney to be a step ahead on the case as well as advise you of your rights and what you may be able to do to avoid prosecution.

You should contact an attorney as you realize that the police are investigating you for a crime. Ideally, this occurs well before an arrest, warrant or criminal summons. Your attorney can advise you on your rights and what steps you should take to avoid prosecution. In the event you are arrested, you will be arraigned and bail will be set. If you are unable to make bail, another hearing will take place, usually the same day, where you will be made aware of the charges against you as well as your rights. It is always advisable to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you when appearing in court for felony or habitual felon three strikes law charges.

If your case moves forward, it will be presented to a Grand Jury if it has not already been, and then sent to a Superior Court. By contacting an attorney beforehand, this may be avoided. John McWilliam is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, who may be able to resolve your case before it is sent to Superior Court. Deferral programs and other avenues are often available to have charges dismissed, so don’t delay. If you have been charged under the three strikes habitual felon law in North Carolina, contact John McWilliam or call 919-772-4000 immediately.

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