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Felony Assault in Wake County, NC

Felony assault in North Carolina includes assault with a deadly weapon, malicious maiming , hiring or convincing someone else to commit an act with a deadly weapon, assault or abuse of handicapped individuals, patient abuse and neglect, elder abuse and neglect, habitual misdemeanor assault, and other similar acts. In contrast with a misdemeanor, these type of assaults and others are classified as felonies, and convictions for felony assault carry severe penalties. If you think you may be charged or have been charged with felony assault in Raleigh, NC, it is best to contact an experienced attorney without delay.

The most serious charge of felony assault is assault with a deadly weapon. To be charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon , there must be evidence present that a deadly weapon was used in an assault. The term deadly weapon can be widely interpreted to include hands and feet. For a first time offender with a clean record, a felony assault with a deadly weapon carries a sentence of 44-92 months if done with intent to kill, 15-31 months if no intent to kill was present but serious injury was inflicted. John McWilliam has been the criminal defense attorney that clients in Raleigh can trust since 1993. If you have been charged with or think you may be charged with felony assault in Wake County, contact John McWilliam today.

Felony Assault Defense in Raleigh, NC

When facing a serious charge such as felony assault, you want a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. John McWilliam is the lawyer you can turn to for a thorough defense of your felony assault charges. Some of the various types of defense John McWilliam can use in your felony assault case are:

  • Consent. Consent means the victim in some way allowed or knew there was a risk of harm. Examples include boxing, martial art, or wrestling matches as well as horseplay.
  • Prevention of a crime. This type of defense is used when you prove you acted to protect yourself, others, or property. The defense shows that the assault was committed out of a fear for your or another person’s safety.
  • Official Act. An official act defense usually involves a case where unnecessary force is used in an arrest.

John McWilliam knows the law and will use these and other methods when fighting for you in your felony assault case. If you have been charged with felony assault or think you may be charged with felony assault in Wake County, NC, it is wise to exercise your right to remain silent: you are in no way required to provide evidence or a statement to the police. Instead, contact Raleigh criminal defense lawyer John McWilliam, who understands how cooperating will affect your case. Remember, the state must prove your guilt. It is not your responsibility to prove your innocence. Protect your rights by remaining silent and contacting criminal defense lawyer John McWilliam. If you have been charged with or feel you may be charged with felony assault in Raleigh or any of the neighboring areas, contact or call John McWilliam at 919-772-4000 without delay.

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