My New-Look Website

Check out my new-look website, which was launched today (thanks to Dan at Elance). My new website is more than just a new-look website; it is actually a new and improved website.
Every page has an easy-to-find link – Find Your Court Date – to the North Carolina Court calendar, so you can check not only your next court date but which court room your case is set in.
My Helpful Resources page is actually a helpful resources page. In addition to all the radical left-wing and weed-legalization publications I recommend, it provides easy links to the politicians who claim to be representing us, links to substance abuse counselors, other Wake County lawyers I recommend, community service ideas, as well as businesses I recommend. This page is an ongoing work in progress, and I will be adding to it on a regular basis.
I have moved my video up to the top of the home page and included it on every page of the website in the hopes that you will see it before you find yourself in the terrifying situation of having an unwanted encounter with a policeman. In short: if you live in North Carolina, refuse everything on the side of the road (if you’re one of my British followers, don’t take this advice; it’s a crime there to refuse to give your Government this evidence it wants to use against you — I’d do something about this if I were you; your so-called democracy is in grave danger – you might want to look at the House of Lords, while you’re at it).
Signing off, my faithful millions.
The Champion of Freedom.