Yes! The Lawyer Relief Fund. Every time the legislature revisits criminal laws, toughens up punishments, makes it easier to convict, we get to raise our rates. Thank you, Jones St. Keep up the good work — our Founders would be proud of all your interest in the lives of the citizens of a free country.
A quick look at the history of the alcohol limit. In the 1930’s, when someone clever came up with a method to calculate a person’s blood alcohol by measuring his breath, the (clearly ignorant and misguided) leaders of our land — you know, the same people who got us out of the Great Depression and led us through WW2 — deemed it reasonable to set the limit for impairment at .15 ; and this, on the advice of that same generation of scientists who … you get the idea.
So can you imagine trying to practice DWI law in the 1930’s? What a disaster (but it was a start). All those 8’s, 9,’s, 10’s, 11’s, 12’s, 13’s and 14’s not even being charged! How, sympathetic reader I would have asked you, is a lawyer to make a living? But never fear, kind ones, they eventually dropped the limit to .10. Now that’s more like it. never mind that for years 11’s through 14’s were just fine. Now, we might be able to make a living. And then. can you believe it? In a fit of unparalleled magnanimity towards us poor, struggling lawyers, the government dropped the limit to .08! To paraphrase the poet: Bliss was it to be alive that dawn, and very heaven to be … a lawyer.
But this. This latest heaven-sent piece of genius. This inspiration. This blessing from on high. This legislative manna: Drop the limit to a level at which no one is actually impaired! Now that. That is more than we could have ever hoped for. How, Oh exalted ones chosen by God to lead us, can my fellows and I ever thank you?
Now, when a couple goes to a restaurant for a nice dinner, those who choose to share a nice shiraz instead of the Shirley Temple, after they drive into a checkpoint, will have to hire me!
Oh wonderful day!
To let your representatives know what a wonderful job they’re dong and what you think about lowering the limit to .05, go to www.ncleg.net.