Good For The IRS

What a bunch of whining Nazis! No. Not the IRS. The right-wing nut-job so-called Tea Party types. First they steal one of the defining events in our glorious struggle for liberty, equality and Democracy, turning it on its head and re-defining it as some sort of emblem of conservatism. Then, they advocate for the dismantling of our Constitution and Government — call the President a Muslim terrorist. All the while railing against taxes, yelling from the rooftops in their nasal, insistent accents that they will do whatever it takes not to pay taxes. Next, relying on the very laws and institutions they seek to destroy, set their groups up as tax-exempt organizations. And finally, when the agency whose job it is to collect taxes decides to pay exactly the special attention to them they’re looking for, whine about it!
I wonder what their position would be if a bunch of hippies started parading around advocating free sex, and openly smoking marijuana. Or — a better comparison — groups of Muslims began sloganeering for Sharia law in the United States. Should the various agencies of the Government ignore them? Are we expected to turn a blind eye to those who are boisterously flouting the law?
Of course the Government is going to pay extra attention to those who loudly proclaim that they don’t want to pay taxes — especially if they set themselves up as deserving of tax-exempt status. Just like the Government is going to sit up and pay extra attention to those who advocate for the legalization of illegal drugs or those who would seek to replace our Government with a theocracy (even Christianity, boys).
These fucking idiots just don’t see their hypocrisy. So they’re being profiled for speaking out against a legitimate governmental function — collecting taxes; they magnify themselves by making themselves tax-exempt organizations (which they might not actually be). Yet I don’t hear them speaking out in defense of those who are being profiled for having Spanish names, or looking non-northern European.
Obama doesn’t need to apologize for the IRS. He should congratulate the IRS for doing its job.