The 700 Most Dangerous Days America Has Ever Faced

In Reply to Wayne Lapierre’s article in American Rifleman.
What absolute drivel. What journalistic irresponsibility. Mr. Lapierre makes, by my count, 43 separate and distinct allegations and assertions – 42 of which he fails to substantiate or back up with any evidence whatsoever. The one allegation he does bother to substantiate is that “only one freedom has grown stronger over the past several decades … your right to own a gun.” Lapierre goes on to back up this assertion with reference to the right-to-carry “revolution,” the Castle Doctrine and “two landmark Supreme Court decisions.” So what’s your fear, Mr. Lapierre? The very right you so dearly want to protect is, in fact, the most well-protected right we have. According to you.
Mr.Lapierre, “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” And neither should it … a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State. However, Mr. Lapierre, we neither have nor have need of a well-regulated militia. Instead, we have the very thing our founders and the authors of the Second Amendment sought to protect against as evil – a standing army. I urge you, Mr. Lapierre, to read, as I have, the 1789 Congressional debates on the Second Amendment, to acknowledge the true, original purpose of the Second Amendment: the avoidance of European-style standing armies (a belief held even by George Washington himself). I urge you, Mr. Lapierre, to acknowledge that the true, original purpose to arm citizens in the absence of a standing army was to rely on those citizens to be ready to fight for and protect the Government’s ends and not, as you revisionists would have people believe, for the purpose of protecting the citizens from their Government (why would the Government of the nascent and most liberal democracy the world had ever seen put in place a mechanism for circumventing democracy in favor of armed rebellion? Stupid). Finally, Mr.Lapierre, I urge you to be honest with your readers; you are the head of the country’s foremost voluntary gun-control organization. Be honest. Be responsible.