2012 Elections

Face it, most people have no idea what they’re doing when they see the list of judges up for election on their ballots. Actually when they see the judges’ names on their ballots that’s probably the first time they’ve even seen these peoples’ names. The voter’s best option in this situation is to just not vote for either or any of the candidates. But, distressingly, in some sort of misguided sense of democratic duty, the voter blindly votes for someone without a clue of who that person is or what his or her qualifications are etc. etc..Frightening.
So. For the millions of you following my blog, here are my recommendations on whom you should vote for in the Wake County Judicial elections:
Supreme Court: Sam Ervin.
Court of appeals: Wanda Bryant, Linda McGee, Cressie Thigpen.
Superior Court: Abstain from the uncontested races; the incumbent’s going to win anyway. In the Abe Jones v. Bryan Collins race: Abe Jones.
District Court. Abstain from the uncontested races for the reasons set out above. In the Graber v. Nagle race: Graber.
I could give my reasons for these ‘endorsements” but I hope that the fact that these are the Judges I want to be in front of if I’m representing you or the people you refer to me is enough of a reason.