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DWI License Suspensions, Limited Driving Privileges and Interlocks

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In North Carolina, a  first-offense conviction of Driving While Impaired will result in a suspension of your driver's license for at least one year.  Most people convicted of a first-offense DWI will be eligible for a limited driving privilege allowing them to drive for work-related and household-maintenance purposes during that year. But, of course, there [...]

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Rugby Players Make Great Trial Lawyers

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Oh! And wouldn't you know it, I'm a rugby player.  Well, I was. But only for about 35 years.  Now, I just coach the greatest sport on earth - "the game they play in heaven." So why do I make this bold claim that rugby players make great trial lawyers? Because I'm a great trial [...]

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It takes balls to be a witness. Hello, my adoring millions.  After my un-asked-for hiatus (Wordpress locked me out), I'm back!  So I thought, rather than grab you by the P#*%%y, Trump-style, I'd grab your attention instead with this titillating title (do you know how to titillate an ocelot? You oscillate its a tit lot). [...]

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I have a new blog and it's going to be up and running soon. Stay tuned for the latest from John McWilliam!

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Cops & Fishing Expeditions

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A man is stopped for not wearing a seat belt and busted on drug charges. What constitutes probable cause. Does the end justify the means? You tell us.

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YET ANOTHER ASSAULT ON OUR RIGHTS While the Republican majority in the North Carolina Legislature might be composed of Tea Party bigots appealing to their Neanderthal base, they’re not completely stupid.  They know how to whip the ignorant mob (who would actually benefit from progressive policies) into an indignant frenzy – all the while [...]

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HB2: What a Disgrace

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Posted on March 28, 2016 by John McWilliam REPUBLICANS: YOUR MASTERS ARE NOT HAPPY WITH YOU BUT PHIL ROBERTSON LOVES YOU. In case you missed it, my fellow freedom-fighters, last Wednesday, the Tea Party leadership in the North Carolina Legislature called a special session of the General Assembly at a cost of about $42,000.00 of [...]

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Moral Monday Round Two

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Moral Monday Round Two This week I was privileged to represent two defendants from the most recent Moral Monday arrests at the North Carolina General Assembly’s Rotunda (North Carolina’s Forum ,if you will) .  These two cases were the first cases that the State of North Carolina called for trial stemming from the 2015 [...]

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NON-STATUTORY AGGRAVATING FACTORS AND DOUBLE JEOPARDY (THANKS TO THE LATE ANTONIN SCALIA FOR ACTUALLY PENNING SOME DECISIONS THAT WERE CORRECT.  R.I.P., I GUESS.) The following is based on actual events. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental (How do these two disclaimers live with each other?) As we all know, [...]

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BLOOD TESTS ADMISSIBILITY GOVERNING CHEMICAL ANALYSES; ADMISSIBILITY; EVIDENTIARY PROVISIONS; CONTROLLED DRINKING PROGRAMS A 1. 20-139.1(c1) ADMISSIBILITY A. NOTICE AND DEMAND. 1. WHEN THE STATE WANTS THE EVIDENCE INTRODUCED. NCGS 20-139.1(c1) is the notice and demand requirement that exists for the purpose of curing the confrontation clause problem facing the State when it wants [...]